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Full day Dachau Tour with Memorial Qualified Guides.

The Dachau Concentration Camp was the first permanent camp built by the Nazi Party of Germany. It opened on March 22nd 1933, only 2 months after Adolf Hitler’s rise to power and liberated on April 29th 1945. 2024 is the 79th Anniversary of the liberation.

Dachau was the only Concentration Camp to have existed for the full 12 years of Hitler’s dictatorship. In the minds of the Nazis, especially Heinrich Himmler, it was by far the most important camp within their system and became the model for all others that followed.

“Dachau - the significance of this name will never be erased from German history. It stands for all concentration camps which the Nazis established in their territory.”

- Eugen Kogon

The site is one of the most well preserved former camps left in Europe today. Our highly experienced guides discuss all aspects of camp life and death for the hundreds of thousands of prisoners that passed through the gates between 1933 and 1945.

During this 4 hour sightseeing tour (4 hours on site, 6 hours including transportation) with our fully Dachau Memorial Qualified guide you will explore:

• Why the camp opened, and the first prisoners to arrive
• The 3 phases of the Camp, its evolution and development
• S.S. Training Facility
• Jourhaus - the entrance building and gateway into the camp, with its now infamous words “Arbeit Macht Frei” - Work will set you free
• Appellplatz - the Roll Call Square
• Memorial Site Museum in the former Maintenance Building
• Registration of new prisoners and their catagorisation
• Torture and Punishment, both Physical and Psychological
• The Bunker - the prison within the camp
• Bunker Courtyard for both torture and execution
• Barracks - prisoner life and daily routine
• Camp perimeter fence and Guard Towers
• Barrack X - the two Crematoriums, mass graves, and the Gas Chamber
• The International Memorial, (Nandor Glid Sculpture) and Religious Memorials

Although the camp was liberated 79 years ago, the history we can learn from Dachau is very relevant to the world around us today.

Visiting a former Nazi Concentration Camp is one of the most important things to do on a trip around Europe, and by far the most important thing to do in Munich. Dachau’s accessibility and importance as a centre for education and reconciliation makes it a day that is impossible to forget for a very long time.

IMPORTANT : *The Dachau Memorial has no specific information designed for children and our tour is catered specifically for adults. Due to a change by the Memorial Site itself we can no longer accept children aged 13 or below on our Dachau Tours, but children from 14 are welcome on the basis that the parents attend the tour with the child and that they understand the graphic nature of the tour content. The museum has very graphic photos and film, and we also discuss physical torture of prisoners in detail on the tour.

Please note that although the Memorial Site itself does not permit the eating of any food within the Memorial grounds, it does allow drinking of water or soft drinks. The site also does not permit any smoking (including electronic cigarettes & vaping) any animals, flags, banners, or nationalist symbols within the Memorial grounds. Photography is permitted but no audio, video or written recordings of any guide are permitted. Prices advertised are for 2024..

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Oustanding Tours, Wonderful Guides 5 star review
...I also booked the Dachau Tour with InMunich, this time with Marcin. This experience was powerful and moving. Marcin was an excellent guide! He described what to expect from the tour and what is expected of me. I learned so much from him. And I loved that his obvious respect for the place is conveyed in everything he says. One of the marks of a wonderful guide is how affecting he can be, how he can describe something and elicit emotions that can trigger thought and reflection which can hopefully translate to action. Marcin did that. He emphasized that the lessons in a Dachau are relevant, even in today's world.

Dachau Tour with Scott 5 star review
...This was such an amazing, yet chilling tour. Scott was just fantastic!! He was very knowledgeable and gave us so much detailed information. It really was an amazing tour and one that everyone should do!! It really puts things into a greater perspective now that we're doing more travelling to some neighbouring countries. A must do tour!

Dachau Memorial Tour 5 star review
Huge praise to our guide, Scott, who's knowledge of the site was nothing short of paramount. Highly recommended to anyone who wishes to visit.

Munich Tour and Dachau Tour 5 star review
...We also took the Dachau Tour with Adam. ...The tour of this historical site is both heart wrenching and numbing. Adam showed great respect as he toured us through this very important reminder of 'Man's Inhumanity to Man".

Very informative tour of Dachau 5 star review
Scott was a great tour guide. We really left feeling we had gained so much more from our visit to the memorial, than we would have without him. He really knew what he was talking about, and has inspired my partner and I to do more of our own research into the topic!

Dachau Tour - full worth it 5 star review
This is a sobering piece of history- but I believe one that cannot be missed if you are travelling to Europe. This tour gave a much more personal touch and memorable experience because it was in person and in English! I fully recommend this tour.

Dachau Tour with Marcin 5 star review
I've gone for so many free walking tours and guided tours and never felt this compelled to write a review for any of them until Marcin's Dachau tour. His knowledge of the place, its history etc. is so extensive it's almost like there's nothing he doesn't know. One can tell how passionate he must be to have absorbed so much from the books and the like. Thank you for the great tour because even after 5 days i'm still intrigued by all the information you've fed us. If there's any tour you must do here, do with them!

Tour of Dachau – InMunich Tours 5 star review
InMunich Tours was the perfect tour of Dachau. I was so pleased. Adam the tour guide was extremely knowlegeable in all areas and gave us extensive information that is not commonly known. He was so informative and could answer any question you asked him. The Tour was very very organized. I would highly recommend InMunich Tours and Adam.

Dachau Tour with Adam 5 star review
We went on the Dachau tour with Adam who was fantastic. He made the tour a real personal experience and you could tell how much he cares for this subject and not just reeling off a script. Highly recommend this company who have a clear passion for their trade!

Bringing Dachau to life 5 star review
We toured Dachau in early April and were lucky that no one else chose the tour as it was just three of us. This was essentially a private tour with Marcin. He met as at the designated location and took us to the Dachau on efficient public transportation all included. We immediately noted the passion for his work that made the historical journey he took us on truly riveting. The work he has done to study this period was evident in the ease with which he described the history and answered questions. Truly one of the best tour guides we have experienced.

Dachau and city tour of Munich 5 star review
We booked the Dachau tour with InMunich tours before leaving the UK and were very fortunate to have Marcin as our guide for the day. His exceptional knowledge of the subject and passion to re tell the stories accurately was very evident .Not an easy place to visit but I'm so glad that that we did and benefitted from a very professional tour guide . Yes you can visit Dachau under your own steam but I doubt that you would learn even a fragment of the detail that Marcin can convey. We were so impressed by the concentration camp tour that we decided to join in the InMunich walking tour with Marcin 2 days later , again an excellent tour and very enjoyable . I would recommend InMunich tours to anyone visiting Munich

Dachau Tour with Marcin 5 star review
Marcin is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the history surrounding the camp and the WWII era. He explained things wonderfully and I felt I learned so much. He is very approachable and will answer anything he can. He really helps you get a feel of what the time was like, what the prisoners went through and pulls your emotion right from within. I can confidently say he was probably the best tour guide I have ever had. Especially after seeing other large groups walking around the memorial site with audioguides or just reading plaques, I know our small group of 11 got the absolute best experience out of the memorial that day.

In March of 2015 the InMunich Tours Dachau Guides took an extended tour around Auschwitz I & Birkenau. Regardless of being very experienced guides at the Dachau Memorial Site, it had a profound effect on all of us. This is a short film explaining our reasons for the trip, and what we found.

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