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Germany, during the Covid 19 Pandemic has shown that it can manage the spread of the virus in a methodical & organised way. There are currently still strict legal requirements in Bavaria concerning the Covid 19 Pandemic when it comes to tour operators. These are to ensure the health & well-being of all participants.

The regulations most relevant to your tour are the following.

1. Any person that has had contact with a person showing symptoms of COVID-19, or has had contact directly with a person who has contracted COVID-19 within the 14 days prior to the tour date are not permitted to attend any tours provided by InMunich Tours.

2. People who have had non-specific general symptoms and/or respiratory symptoms of any severity within the 14 days prior to the tour date are not permitted to attend any tours provided by InMunich Tours.

3. Social distancing rules of staying 1.5 metres apart within enclosed areas & inside buildings.

4. Due to the strict government regulations, & the fact that we are unable to always guarantee 1.5m distance between all participants at all times, all persons attending tours with InMunich Tours must ensure they bring an FFP2/N95/KN95 mask that covers the mouth and nose & wear it at any moment as indicated by the Tour Guide. The use of a scarf, handmade mask, PPE or surgical masks are not permitted. The mask must ensure that both mouth & nose are covered when worn. FFP2 masks are cheaply available everywhere in Bavaria.

5. It is currently mandatory to wear an FFP2/N95/KN95 mask on all forms of public transportation, within all transportation buildings, within all shops & restaurants (except when at the table itself) & within all enclosed public spaces. Most restaurants will require you to give your name, current working phone number, home address & email address to ensure good levels of contact tracing should the need arise.

We follow all of these points so you & our guides can stay healthy, our guides can keep working, & you can continue to learn so much about our beautiful city!

The points above are strict Bavarian State Law, & must be obeyed for the health of the guide, all tour participants & members of the general public. Any person arriving to a tour showing any form of illness, or without some form of face mask (see the diagram above) will be turned away & will not be permitted to attend the tour for the sake of the health of others. We thank you for your understanding.

This information is correct as of the 1st ofMarch 2022.

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