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 Keith Finneran

Keith was born and raised in the west of Ireland. After receiving his Masters Degree in Archaeology from NUI Galway he started working as a Field Archaeologist, and also conducting guided history tours around Galway and Dublin. Having always been interested in German history, a trip to Germany in 2008 convinced him that it was just the right place to be, and just over a year later he was on his way to move there! Keith has been guiding professionally for 14 years, 10 of them here in Munich.

Keith is not content with just being your average guide, he is also here to be your friend InMunich, to show you all the sights, sounds and pleasures this magnificent city has to offer!

Of all the reviews Keith has had in the last 10 years all over the internet, these sum up not only his professional approach to some very difficult history, but his passion for Germany today.

Excellent Dachau tour 5 star review
We took the half-day tour to Dachau with guide Keith. It was as good as a college class. This young man is passionate about history and knowledgeable about the topic. A pleasure to listen to him even while touring a grim place filled with sadness. Recommend the company fully, especially the tour guide.
Review by Silvia L / TripAdvisor

†A fascinating and informative Third Reich tour 5 star review
Our tour guide, Keith Finneran, spoke perfect English and was very knowledgeable on the subject. He also did not limit himself to just providing information on the Third Reich events that happened in Munich, but adapted it to cover events that occurred in other places we were going to visit to give us a clearer picture of what happened in Munich and how events were related. He also provided valuable tips and recommendations on how to get the best out of our time in Munich. I would definitely recommend this tour to family and friends.
Review by Mars2013 / TripAdvisor

Excellent Tour of Dachau 5 star review
...Keith was very informed about everything. We spent lots of time in the museum discussing many of the items displayed. I learned so much about concentrations/work camps and how Dachau fit into the whole scheme of things. Walking into the bunk houses, religious memorials at the back of the camp and lastly the tour of crematorium humbled me immensely. At times, I just couldn't grasp all that went on at this camp. Keith knew so much and knew how much to hit me with since I was alone.
Review by CathyF252 / TripAdvisor

Really great private tours! 5 star review
...Keith did a walking tour with us and again was really good at finding ways to accommodate our group and we really appreciated it the tour was really interesting and really helped us to get our bearings in the city I would highly recommend starting any visit to Munich with an overview tour. Keith also took part of our group to Dachau and those who went were really glad they got the opportunity to see it and took a great deal away from the tour. There were many many discussions about what they saw there it had a huge impact. So thanks to InMunich and our great guides for making our time in Munich even more special
Review by stellasmom85 / TripAdvisor

Dachau tour 5 star review
We are very fortunate to have had the opportunity to tour Dachau with Keith as our guide. Before we even got inside, Keith explained the ground rules and expectations, but also provided the background of why the rules were in place. The tour covered everything from the history of the city and how the camp came to be in this location, through history of camp operations, to liberation and current state. Keith is very knowledgeable and provided a lot of detailed insight that you would not otherwise get. He also paced the tour well to allow time to process the information.
Review by Beata H / TripAdvisor

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