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Private German Resistance Tour

215.00 for 3 Hours to €245.00 for 4 Hour Combination Tour with Third Reich

Request Private German Resistance Tour Are you looking for a much more personal & intimate tour? A tour catered purely for you? With InMunich Private Tours you get a unique experience with a completely personal & highly experienced guide.

A 3 Hour fully guided tour of Munich's Old City (Altstadt) & the Schwabing District looking at the many groups & individuals who risked & lost their lives resisting the Nazi Party.

Munich was the birthplace of National Socialism & when Hitler came to power in 1933 it would become "The Capital of the Movement".

What is often overlooked by many visitors to the city is that it was also a place of German resistance to the Nazi regime. Die Weisse Rose (the White Rose) & Georg Elser are two prime examples of how many Germans refused to bow in the face of fascist oppression. But if you look further there are many other surprising & unexpected stories that shed light on the often forgotten individuals who stood up despite the consequences.

Our tour will look at Hitler’s rise to power & more importantly, we will explore the multifaceted nature of resistance to the Nazis in Munich & Germany as a whole. Below are some of the many themes discussed & places visited on this walking tour of Munich.

Rise of the Nazis -Early resistance in Munich.

Germany's defeat in 1945- The destruction of the city & its liberation by the U.S. Army 78 years ago.

Dodger’s Alley- The Munich Beer Hall Putsch & passive resistance. Dachau, the first permanent concentration camp & Conservative resistance.

Hofgartenarkaden & Memorial to the German Resistance- ‘Degenerate Art’, The July 20th Plot, Joseph Hufnagel & Die Weisse Rose.

Plaque for the Freiheitsaktion Bayern- Rupprecht Gerngross & German military resistance in Munich.

Walter Klingenbeck’s ‘pirate radio station’& other youth resistance movements.

Ludwig Maximilian’s University- Hans & Sophie Scholl, Memorials for Die Weisse Rose, Fritz Gerlich & "The Wounds of Memory"

Georg Elser Memorial- Georg Elser & his attempt on Hitler’s life on 8 November, 1939. Alter Simpl & the Simplissimus satirical magazine, which took a strong stand against extremism.

Former Gestapo Headquarters- Trial & sentencing of Die Weisse Rose. The arrest & execution of Georg Elser. Head of Gestapo Reinhard Heydrich & his anti-fascist brother Heinz Heydrich.

Square to the Victims of National Socialism- Memorial to the Murdered Sinti & Roma Gypsies of Europe. Hans Beimler - the only man to escape Dachau, The Dachau Uprising & the myth that Jews didn't fight back. Resistance to the far right in Germany today.

Addtionally to the full spoken word history the guide will also use a large folder of images & photographs to accompany the tour, showing everything from the many historical figures who made up the German Resistance, but also an amazing collection of historic images of the city between 1933 & 1945.

InMunich Private Tours cater not just for larger tour groups, but for small groups & even indivduals who are looking for a much more personalised & intimate experience. The price of the InMunich German Resistance Tour is €215.00 including all German Sales Tax (19% MwSt) & a highly experienced InMunich guide.

4 HOUR Combination TOUR for only €245.00;

We also offer this as a special 4 hour Combination Tour with our Private Third Reich Tour. The first 2 hours will give a great introduction to the rise of National Socialism in Munich with the best selected locations from our Private Third Reich Tour, then leading naturally into a 2 hour condensed version of our Private German Resistance Tour. Perfect for travelers who have limited time in Munich and want to get the maximum information from this period of history, and yet also very suitable for school and college groups studying National Socialism.

To make a request for this tour please press REQUEST NOW! at the top of the page and give as much information as possible so we can personalise your tour quickly and efficiently.

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