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Marcin Wright
Marcin was born in London, but grew up in a small town in the south of England. After graduating in 1997 from the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama in Cardiff, he embarked on a career in Music.

An accomplished and acclaimed Session Musician, Teacher and Freelance Producer he has had extensive experience in all aspects of the Music Business. Until September 2006 he was based in Cardiff, South Wales, from where he has worked all over the world with a variety of different musicians and in many different genres, although his true musical passion always remained the musical world of Jazz. As a session Musician he has had the privilage to play with some truly remarkable musicians (and wonderful friends) and has played on numerous different records for a wide variety of Bands and Solo Artistes, and mainly due to the ridiculous number of instruments he can play, a lot of work within Television and Film as an Instrumentalist.

As a Producer he has worked on many different projects, including many Commercial Music releases, Albums, Television and Film Music, Music for Theatre and work for the BBC, S4C, HTV and SKY TV.

After living in Bologna in Italy between 2006 and 2008 he finally moved to Munich to try and discover something different in life, and to have a well needed 6 month rest from the hectic life of a professional musician.

Since then he has spent 14 years working as a guide specialising primarily in Munich's darker history - the rise of the Nazi Party, and the former Dachau Concentration Camp (he is fully memorial qualified) - but feeling just as home showing 1000's of eager tourists every year around the city of Munich, out to the Neuschwanstein Castle, and even beer tours of some of the city's finest brewery bars and beer gardens!

Marcin's greatest passion is taking a hard look at the relevance of past history to the world around us today. He even cycled 4100km over 3 and a half months studying it! Cycling right across Europe through the middle of winter (!) covering Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, Spain and finally Morocco in the north of Africa, visiting some of Europe's most fascinating WW1 and WW2 sites.

When he is not hard at work on a tour he is mostly hard at work running around Europe, and has run 68 marathons or ultra marathons in the last 8 years. He is a big fan of multi-day running adventures, running a marathon everyday for many days in a row, often over the Alps!

He met Adam Martin, working together for 3 years at another company before making the big leap to starting their own business. Sharing a passion for history, beer, cycling and good business values they have embarked on a new adventure with InMunich Tours. Marcin, like Adam, is not content with just being your average guide, he is also here to be your friend InMunich, to show you all the sights, sounds and pleasures this magnificent city has to offer!

The ideas behind his tour guiding style stem from a true love of story telling, making history both entertaining and enthralling. Here are literally just a few of the many reviews of his tours found all over the internet from the past 14 years of guiding tens of thousands of tourists.

Marcin - 5 star tour guide! 5 star review
I am travelling frequently and always go on a city tour. to both aquaint myself to a city and to learn about it's history. Marcin was by far the best guide I have ever had. He captivated us by relaying the history with enthusiasm ( which transported you back in time) a true historian!
Review by ME_Roarke / TripAdvisor

Dachau Memorial Site Tour 5 star review
...This was an amazing experience, Marcin was outstanding giving an excellent commentary and tour with background history with lessons from the past which is both relevant to present day and for the future. Cannot recommend this more highly, I came to the tour with a little knowledge and left with much more from a guide who was fully knew and understood his subject. Highly recommended!
Review by Gus N / GetYourGuide

Worth time!!! 5 star review
It was a surprisingly fabulous city tour experience with the guide Marcin. He's very knowledgable and humorous. Amazing that he intelligently uses his way to bring out the history, culture and politics of Munich. It was a precious lesson for me. And my experience with Munich would never be the same after these 3.5 hours.
Review by Cheuk Kiu M / TripAdvisor

Absolutely amazing tour! 5 star review
Our guide Marcin was so incredibly knowledgable about this site, I was truly impressed. I think having a guide is crucial at places like this in order to get the full experience and Marcin really completed our experience here at Dachau. I left with such a humbled heart and I really think that is the only way to see things like as dark as this. Thank you Marcin!
Review by Lauren – Boulder, United States / GetYourGuide

Day Tour to Dachau Concentration Camp 5 star review
...Dachau is a difficult place to visit emotionally and mentally and Marcin delivers a perfect, sensitive, informative and powerful tour whilst maintaining the dignity of such a destination. The pace was perfect, the information was so relevant, personal and we wouldn't have learnt the things we did had we not had a guide. Just the significance of every little part of the place was perfectly explained by Marcin. I couldn't even notice that 4 hours of the tour had passed because I was enthralled by the whole experience.
Review by guppygirl21 / TripAdvisor

Dachau Memorial Site Tour a must! 5 star review
...His passion and empathy for the history and people, together with his expert knowledge on the topic made this a standout tour on our European Trip. I Cannot think about Dachau without thinking about the stories Marcin shared. Thanks for a memorable experience.
Review by Gavin R / TripAdvisor

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