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Private Dachau Tour

From € 295.00 - Private 3-4 hour tour on site (5-6 hours total)
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Are you looking for a much more personal & intimate tour? A tour catered purely for you? A private transfer from your hotel or Munich Airport? We are 100% flexible with any requests you may have. With InMunich Private Tours you get a unique experience with a completely personal & highly experienced guide. Please note however that no children of 13 or under are permitted to attend any tour by order of the Memorial Site itself*

The Dachau Concentration Camp was the first permanent camp built by the Nazi Party of Germany. It opened on March 22nd 1933, only 2 months after Adolf Hitler’s rise to power and was liberated on April 29th 1945. This year is the 78th anniversary of the liberation by the U.S. Army.

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Dachau was the only Concentration Camp to have existed for the full 12 years of Hitler’s dictatorship. In the minds of the Nazis, especially Heinrich Himmler, it was by far the most important camp within their system and became the model for all others that followed.

“Dachau - the significance of this name will never be erased from German history. It stands for all concentration camps which the Nazis established in their territory.”

- Eugen Kogon

The site is one of the most well preserved former camps in Europe today. Our highly experienced guides discuss all aspects of camp life and death for the hundreds of thousands of prisoners that passed through the gates between 1933 and 1945. Below are some of the many themes and locations we will discuss & visit on this important sightseeing tour.

Origins- How the first permanent camp came to exist. Overview of the full history of the site.

Jourhaus- The entrance building & gateway into the camp, how prisoners arrive & their first experiences.

Appellplatz- the Roll Call Square, a place of humiliation, despair & punishment.

Memorial Site Museum- Former Maintenance Building, now holding an extensive museum with many photographs, original objects & testimonies from surviving prisoners.

Torture and Punishment- Physical and Psychological torture & its impact on daily life.

The Bunker- A prison within the camp itself & the execution courtyard.

Barracks- Prisoner life & daily routine.

Perimeter Fence -Guard Towers & the electric fence.

Barrack X- The Crematoriums, mass graves, and the Gas Chamber.

International Memorial- Nandor Glid Sculpture & Religious Memorials.

Although the camp was liberated 78 years ago this year, the history we can learn from Dachau is very relevant to the world around us today.

Visiting a former Nazi Concentration Camp is one of the most important things to do on a trip around Europe, and by far the most important thing to do in Munich. Dachau’s accessibility and importance as a centre for education and reconciliation makes it a day that is impossible to forget for a very long time.

*The Dachau Memorial has no specific information designed for children and our tour is catered specifically for adults. Due to a change by the Memorial Site itself we can no longer accept children aged 13 or below on our Dachau Tours, but children from 14 are welcome on the basis that the parents attend the tour with the child and that they understand the graphic nature of the tour content. The museum has very graphic photos and film, and we also discuss physical torture of prisoners in detail on the tour.

Please note that although the Memorial Site itself does not permit the eating of any food within the Memorial grounds, it does allow drinking of water or soft drinks. The site also does not permit any smoking (including electronic cigarettes) any animals, flags, banners, or nationalist symbols within the Memorial grounds. Photography is permitted but no audio, video or written recordings of any guide are permitted.

InMunich Private Tours cater not just for larger tour groups, but for small groups and even indivduals who are looking for a much more personalised & intimate experience. The price of our InMunich Private Dachau Tour depends on the number of guests wishing to attend, as the tour involves a 50 minute travel to and from the Memorial Site using a train and a bus and we need to factor in the travel costs.

€295.00 for 1 to 4 guests.
€320.00 for 5 to 9 guests.
€345.00 for 10-14 guests..
€370.00 for 15-19 guests..

With InMunich Tours there are absolutely no hidden costs. These prices include all German Sales Tax - 19% MwSt - your highly experienced and fully Dachau Memorial Qualified InMunich Tour Guide, and all the transportation costs to and from the site starting from and returning to Munich City Centre. We can also pick you up directly from your hotel with public transportation if it is within the Inner City.

Premium Private Vehicle Transfer

InMunich Tours only works with fully licensed professional drivers and high quality vehicles of all sizes, from BMW 5 series to 74 seater luxury coaches, and with the most competitive prices in Munich.

€475.00 A Munich City Hotel/Munich Airport to Dachau return with 1-2 persons in a BMW 5 series plus the fully guided tour on site.
€545.00 A Munich City Hotel/Munich Airport to Dachau return with 3-6 persons in a Mercedes Vito plus the fully guided tour on site.
€695.00 A Munich City Hotel/Munich Airport to Dachau return with 7-12 persons in two Mercedes Vito's plus the fully guided tour on site.
€800.00 A Munich City Hotel/Munich Airport to Dachau return with 1-6 persons in one car, secure holding of luggage by the driver in the vehicle plus the fully guided tour on site. Perfect if coming direct from the airport, or on the way to it.

For group sizes from 13 people please contact us for a customised quote.

Please note: total tour time including transportation to & from the Memorial Site is between 5 & 6 hours. Although it is possible to see most of the site during a 3 hour tour on site, we highly recommend you opt for a 4 hour tour (at no extra cost) as the site is fairly large & can be a little overwhelming & certainly a place we don't recommend rushing through.

To make a request for this tour please press REQUEST NOW! at the top of the page and give as much information as possible so we can personalise your tour quickly and efficiently.

In March of 2015 the InMunich Tours Dachau Guides took an extended tour around Auschwitz I & Birkenau. Regardless of being very experienced guides at the Dachau Memorial Site, it had a profound effect on all of us. This is a short film explaining our reasons for the trip, and what we found.

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